Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the RSA Online Store! 

Why can't I Sign-In?

This store is for current Roller Skating Association International Members ONLY! If you are a current member of the RSA, you will use your profile's email address as your user name.  You will need to follow the "First Time User" sign in instructions for the first time you sign-in to set up your password.  If you request the "Forgot Password" and you do not receive an email with the password reset link, it means you are not using the email address on your profile or you are not a current member.

  • If you are a member having trouble with sign-in, please contact Sharon McMahon at or call 317-347-2626 Ext. 108.

FIRSTIME Sign-In / Checkout

  • You will use your email address, listed on your RSA Membership Main Profile, as your user name.
  • Click on “Forgot Your Password”.
  • You will receive an email with a link to click.
  • Click the link, which will direct you to a page to “Setup” your new password.
  • Choose your 7 digit - alpha / numeric password for your account and enter it twice.
  • You will be redirected to the Sign In page once again.  Enter your new password.
  • Now you can continue shopping or checkout.

Why can't product be shipped to my location?

Do to restrictions of the functionality of our store, all product is put together as a single package being shipped.  This calculates the weight and dimensions of each item into one box for shipping.  If the weight or dimensions of all the products in your order together exceeds the UPS maximums, you will get an error message:

"Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can't be shipped to your location. Please choose a different delivery address."

  • If you have a large amount of product you will be ordering, you can try breaking your order into separate orders to bypass this shipping error.
  • OR you can contact Tonya Crenshaw at 317-347-2626 ext 111 to place your order by phone.


Any questions regarding the online store can be emailed to  For immediate assistance during business hours, contact the office at 317-347-2626.